Córdoba and the role of water, flowers and gardens

The Qur’an states that “from water we have made every living thing”.

Discover why water is so important for Muslims.

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We will discover how big was the caliphal Alcazar and the expansion of this building in the time of the Spanish Catholic Monarchs. Understanding the importance of water for our city and its role through history. You will be amazed by the explosion of perfumes and colours inside the typical Patios of Cordoba, UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Interesting, isn’tit?

We have 3,5 hours to enjoy this experience, visiting:

  • Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos (Fortress of the Christian Monarchs and its gardens)
  • Former baths of the Alcazar during caliphal time
  • Wallada and Ibn Zaydun’s monument
  • Patios de S. Basilio (San Basilio typical courtyards)
  • Refrigerio Halal.
  • Casa del Agua Museum (Water House Museum)

Meeting Point: Main Gate of the Alcazar, right under the flags. Alternatively at your hotel.

Time: 9:00. But it can be adjusted upon request. Not available on Mondays.

Duration: 3,5 hours

Language: English, French and Spanish. Languages: English, French and Spanish. Upon request we can arrange an Arabic interpreter. This implies a supplement of 150-200€ per service, depending on what day of the week and availability.

It includes: tickets to all monuments to avoid queues. Exclusively private visit. Includes Drink and Halal tapa. If a private (family/ friends/ business) group is larger than 9 people, the experience would include audio guides to make the experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

Price per person, depending on the number of people who will join the experience.

Prices for person

Nº of people Price for person
1 300 €
2 170 €
3 125 €
4 105 €
5 90 €
6 80 €
7 75 €
8 – 10 70 €


English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

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