Cooking workshop – Cordoba´s Traditional cuisine

The culture of people is known through its cuisine. Let yourself be carried away by the perfumes, colours, textures and typical flavours of Cordoba through its most traditional and strictly Halal tapas. We will go to the Muslim butcher so you can see where we buy the meat, we will admire the vegetables and natural products of our land in the nearby market, we will show you all the necessary ingredients with the Halal certification seal, we will use kitchen utensils completely sanitized to avoid cross-contamination and now all that it is left is for you to… enjoy the experience and eat like a real Cordoban!

From: 60,00 


The dishes that you will prepare and later eat are:

We will learn how to prepare traditional dishes of local cuisine.You cook and eat your own creations!

  • Salmorejo Cordobés (with tomato, bread and olive oil)
  • Deep fried aubergines with honey
  • Beef and turkey meat roll
  • Drinks: 0,0% beer, soft drinks, juice and water

Meeting point: to be agreed

Time: Preferably in the morning, around 11am, but it depends on what time of the year.

Duration: 3 hours

Language: English, French and Spanish. Upon request we can arrange an Arabic interpreter. This implies a supplement of 150-200€ per service, depending on what day of the week and availability.

Incluye: Clase de cocina Halal cordobesa con nuestro experto Chef de Cocina Halal. Experiencia exclusivamente privada. Si por casualidad el grupo privado familiar / de amigos / empresarial, es mayor de 9 personas, incluye también audio guías para dar mayor calidad al servicio It includes: Halal Cordoba cuisine cooking workshop with an expert Halal Chef. Photo coverage of the whole experience, that later is shared with you. Exclusively private visit. If a private (family/ friends/ business) group is larger than 9 people, the experience would include audio guides to make the experience much more efficient and enjoyable.

Price per person, depending on the number of people who will join the experience.

Price per person

Nº of people Price per person
1 625 €
2 315 €
3 210 €
4 160 €
5 125 €
6 105 €
7 90 €
8 – 10 80 €
11 – 15 60 €


English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

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