Because it is a completely different experience. When you book a group visit, you have to wait for everyone to arrive, you don’t know whether you be sharing the visit with 5 or 30 people. With a group you have to make sure everyone remains within the group while you walk, wait for long queues to enter the monuments and what is probably the most complex part: we are different! People come from different places, have different expectations, stories, culture and life. This makes really difficult to capture the true spirit that the city has to offer. With a private visit instead, you enjoy a “unique” and “tailor-made” experience. It’s worth paying a little bit more to have a relaxed, exclusive experience, avoiding having to rush from one place to the other, listening to the same short and standard explanations.
All our products, services, providers (and their traceability) have been carefully selected and certified by Instituto Halal. And we represent as guarantee as we are also certified.
A guided tour can be named in many different and creative ways. But at the end they are all about bringing as many people as possible, telling the same old standard stories and often carried out by people who do not have enough experience and knowledge. These tours are not personalised at all. Regardless your age, physical condition, likes and dislikes, cultural preferences, life experiences, etc, people will be mixed upand the programme and the message will be the same for all of them.

By “Experience” we mean an immersive adventure for your senses. And always taking into account who you are. Your name, nationality, your age, religion, likes, profession, your experience travelling around the world… We want to personalise it and make your visit to Córdoba an unique and unforgettable experience.

Always. In this way we avoid having to stand at long and unnecessary queues.
Yes, of course. We will always recommend the best timing taking into account what day of the week is, season, local festivities or bank holidays, etc. We prefer avoid peak times and choose those moments when you can enjoy the city at its best. All this said, we listen to your preferences and adjust the agenda according to your needs.
Of course. That is our specialty. You can browse through our proposals and configurate your visit the way you would like. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can personalize it in detail. Even when you just like one part of the whole tour. Send us an email and we will figure out.
Obviously. Each experience is fully personalized, we can pick you up at your hotel, train station or even arrange an airport pick-up service. At the same time, we can meet at a location that you consider most efficient.
As much as you need. We provide you several different and original options, which we can further configurate little by little. And our intention is always delivering added value and that little extra to you.
Of course. We have a network of reliable colleagues and partners around Andalusia and even outside the region. You can trust us to configure your whole trip.

Personalising is our specialty. Please tell us up front and we will adjust whatever necessary to let you fully enjoy your stay.

It can be when you arrive here, in cash at the end of the experience, in cash, prepaid by Bank Transfer or with a Visa card directly on the web. But if you want to pay upon arrival, in cash, you must send as a deposit 20% of the total amount when making the reservation or at most 21 days before arrival.

The transfer must be to the ARQUIA Account with IBAN ES95 3183 1400 5331 0237 8225, BIC CASDESBBXXX in the name of Inmaculada Lázaro Corral. Indicating the name of the client and date of service.